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Mental health issues among students and staff remain a serious concern for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. Many students report that these issues affect their academic work. And suicide is among the leading causes of death for college students. Studies show that demands on counseling centers and other campus services likely will continue to increase as one of the byproducts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following United Educators (UE) resources can help you address mental health concerns in your community.

Anyone in the United States can call or text 988 to connect with the National Suicide and Crisis Prevention Lifeline. 988 offers 24/7 access to trained crisis counselors who can help people experiencing mental health-related distress.

If you need a sounding board for a policy or procedure you’re revising or want to hear how other schools navigate a particular risk management issue, our team can help. Send us your risk advice question today ›

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Student Mental Health Course Collection

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Student Mental Health on Campus: The Current Landscape

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Student Mental Health: Managing Serious Issues Through Teamwork

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Expert Q&A: Accommodating Student Mental Health Issues on Campus

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Member Spotlights

Read these articles to learn from other UE members how they have managed risks. The articles describe the experiences of UE members and don’t represent UE risk management or legal advice.
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Innovative Strategies to Address Student Mental Health

Member Spotlight
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