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Use the resources on this page to learn more about United Educators (UE), risk management resources, and claims trends.

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Compare Our Coverage

Use these comparative value guides to understand how UE's coverage compares to other carriers:

Educators Legal Liability (ELL)
General Liability (GL)
Internships and Professional Services (IPL) Liability
Public School Liability (PSL)
School Board Legal (SBL) Liability

Risk Management Services and Resources

UE members have access to a comprehensive suite of risk management resources, including a robust library of award-winning online courses.

Risk Management Services and Resources Overview
The Value of Risk Management
Higher Ed Risk Management Services and Resources Catalog
K-12 Risk Management Services and Resources Catalog

Past Claims Trends

The summaries in the following Large Loss Reports are drawn solely from published accounts involving claims against K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. Some of the large losses involve United Educators (UE) members, while others do not.

Large Loss Report 2023
Large Loss Report 2022
Large Loss Report 2021

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