Risk Management Blueprints

Beneficial For: Risk Management, Human Resources, Student Affairs, Campus Security, and Other Higher Ed Risk Roles With Limited Resources

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The Tools You Need to Confidently Address Critical Risks on Campus

The education risk landscape is constantly changing. Focusing your efforts on crucial risk topics is challenging even for experienced risk managers.

For guidance on how to confidently assess, plan, and implement risk strategies in key liability areas, use one of four blueprints our risk mitigation strategists created:

  • Targeted Campus Violence
  • Third-Party Contracting
  • Workplace Harassment & Discrimination
  • Youth Protection

Each blueprint gives you actionable, education-specific resources to help you decisively move through each stage of risk management. You will also get access to our team of experienced risk management consultants who can provide practical guidance tailored to your needs.

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Available Risk Management Blueprints

Informed by UE’s 35+ years of handling education claims and developed by our risk mitigation experts, each blueprint provides actionable tools and resources, award-winning online training, and regular support from experienced risk management consultants.

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Keesha Trim

Senior Director Risk Management & Insurance, University of Richmond

I like working with UE because they truly try to understand the needs of higher education risk managers and they provide tools and resources we need to do our jobs efficiently and effectively.

Meet Our Risk Management Consultants

Hoda Hussein, Senior Risk Management Consultant

Hoda collaborates with UE members on strategies to reduce accidents and build preventative programs. She also consults with key stakeholders to promote campus-wide education and implementation of risk management initiatives.

Beth Kidwell, Risk Management Consultant

Beth advises UE members as they develop risk mitigation tactics, prioritize risk management goals, and launch or refresh enterprise risk management (ERM) initiatives.

Justin Kollinger, Senior Risk Management Consultant

Justin advises UE members as they develop risk mitigation tactics, prioritize risk management goals, and launch or refresh enterprise risk management (ERM) initiatives. He also leads the Risk Management Premium Credit (RMPC) program.

Sam Swartout, Manager of Risk Consulting

Sam oversees the Risk Consulting Team and is responsible for promoting and assisting K-12 schools, colleges, and universities by driving their risk management efforts with resources and expertise.

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