Crisis Response: A Library of Tabletop Exercises

United Educators (UE) is focused on helping members increase readiness to manage a range of crises on and off campus. One approach is to test your crisis management plan through a tabletop exercise. These exercises allow you to assess your response efforts in advance of a crisis, identify flaws or gaps in your campus’ responses and make adjustments as needed.

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The hypothetical situations and fictitious (people and campus location) names presented here have been used in tabletop exercises conducted by UE’s member institutions. The styles and formats differ since they were developed for use by certain K-12 schools, colleges, or universities across UE’s membership. These examples are intended to be used as resources to help institutions develop their own scenarios for their objectives and campus environments. We encourage members to modify these scenarios to fit your campus and exercise objectives.


Note: Member institutions may modify these scenarios and documents to meet their context, but they may not share original or edited copies outside of their institution without UE’s prior approval.

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