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United Educators’ (UE’s) mission to protect members goes beyond providing education-specific insurance. Through our risk management resources and services, members can address risks associated with the safety, compliance, and liability risks at schools and on campus that can lead to claims.

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Popular Topics Covered

Popular Topics Covered

Our education-specific risk management resources address the most pressing concerns and challenges of institutions, such as:

- COVID-19 response
- Sexual abuse and misconduct
- Concussion management
- Data security
- Student mental health
- Workplace harassment
- Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Online Training

Online Training

Our online courses enable institutions to deliver cost-effective online learning to students, faculty, supervisors, and other staff. Some institutions use these courses as a key component of meeting federal or state training requirements. A UE learning technology and services team member can work with you to assist in building an implementation strategy.

Risk Management

Risk Advice

We understand the immediate need for credible information. UE’s information and knowledge enable us to provide insight into issues institutions face, enabling them to make informed decisions. If you're curious to know what other schools are doing, need a sounding board, or looking for general risk advice or data to support your needs on campus, contact our risk management consultants.

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