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Complimentary to United Educators (UE) members. Available to all other K-12 schools, colleges, and universities through Canopy Programs®.

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Empower faculty, staff, and students to tackle education’s unique challenges in today’s rapidly changing world. Training topics include Title IX; workplace harassment and discrimination; protecting minors; student mental health; diversity, equity, and inclusion; contracting fundamentals; and more.  

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Implement Training Today

Our flexible implementation options can accommodate rapid turnaround times or one to three weeks of preparation if your training initiative involves multiple stakeholders at your institution. No matter your timing requirements, our team will refine our approach to meet your needs.

Knowledge Pathways

Knowledge Pathways are a guide to help you design annual training plans. Use one of our sample pathways as a starting point to craft a journey for your learners. Learn more


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Accessibility Pledge

We are champions of universal design and pledge to create immersive and inclusive learning experiences. Our platform and courses undergo rigorous accessibility review and Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) are available upon request for most courses in our collections.

Hosting Options

Available for a fee through Canopy Programs.

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