Internships and Professional Services Coverage

United Educators (UE) offers an easy-to-use policy with broad coverage for most student internships and experiential learning opportunities.

Coverage Summary

UE’s internships and professional services (IPL) policy covers most student internships and experiential learning opportunities. This product streamlines the process to obtain appropriate coverage for situations in which students are developing their skills or advancing their education through hands-on experience.

The IPL policy features include an available $0 deductible, defense costs outside the limits of liability, and full prior acts coverage. Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions, the IPL policy provides claims made coverage for wrongful acts in the performance or failure to perform an internship program or the rendering or failure to render certain professional services. The coverage includes coverage for bodily injury and property damage-related claims.

UE offers limits of:

Human Subjects Research Endorsement


Incorporating human subjects in research studies has revolutionized the impact that institutions have in a variety of industries. To help bridge the gap for claims related to human subjects, UE provides limited human subjects research (HSR) coverage via endorsement under our IPL policy.

Endorsement Features

Coverage for HSR includes experimental studies or research on humans where an insured:

Examples of Potentially Covered Research

Who Is Covered

The policy protects the institution and, at the option of the institution, faculty supervisors, certain employees providing professional services in select occupations, volunteers and students, within the scope of their duties or obligations to the institution.

Potential insureds include:

Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions, the policy provides coverage for existing and new internship programs and experiential learning programs without application questions, scheduling, or midterm reporting. It provides coverage for a range of health care services when performed in support of an academic program.


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