Risk Management Premium Credit Program

United Educators’ (UE’s) team is committed to helping our members create a safe and respectful educational environment for students and educators. We encourage members to participate in the Risk Management Premium Credit (RMPC) program, which enables them to earn a credit on their renewal premium by conducting specific risk management activities.



Members with a general liability (GL) or educators legal liability (ELL) policy are eligible to participate in the RMPC program. The RMPC program doesn’t apply to public K-12 schools or members with only an internships and professional services liability (IPL) policy.

RMPC Dashboard in My UE

New This Year: Access the RMPC Program in My UE

Members can access the RMPC program through My UE. Visit the RMPC tab to select your risk mitigation activity, track progress and deadlines, and let us know you’ve completed the program. Our broker partners can also check their clients’ progress in My UE.

If you need help signing into My UE, please contact us at uesupport@ue.org.

How to Participate

RMPC Timeline

The RMPC program starts shortly after renewal. Members start the RMPC program no later than four months after their renewal and finish it no later than ten months after renewal.

Individual Policyholders

Individual policyholders earn up to a 6% premium credit. These overviews explain the program in detail:

*Available by invitation only. Your institution’s primary insurance contact will be notified if invited to participate.

Group Policyholders

Group policyholders earn up to a 4% premium credit when 80% of the group’s members complete the RMPC program. This overview explains the program in detail:

RMPC Risk Mitigation Activities

Risk topics and qualifying risk mitigation activities can be found at these links.

Frequently Asked Questions

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