General Liability Coverage

United Educators’ (UE’s) broad general liability (GL) coverage protects against a wide range of potential claims including alcohol abuse, campus crime, and sexual misconduct.

Coverage Summary

UE's comprehensive GL policy typically covers institutions against liability arising out of bodily injury, personal injury, and third-party property damage occurring because of accidents or negligent acts attributable to the insured.

UE offers:

What Is Covered

Potential insureds include:

Our broad coverage can protect against a wide range of potential claims including alcohol abuse, athletic injuries, traumatic brain injuries (if institutions qualify), and sexual misconduct (if institutions qualify). Coverage may apply to:

Foreign Terrorism Endorsement

UE’s standard GL policies provide coverage for acts of domestic terrorism. These policies cover hostile actions occurring in the U.S., including its territories or possessions, or in Canada.

The Foreign Terrorism endorsement offers optional GL coverage to protect an institution as well as its students and faculty traveling abroad from liability arising out of acts of foreign terrorism.


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