United Educators (UE) offers specialized expertise when you need it most.

We recognize the tremendous impact a tragedy or crisis can have on a school or campus. Expert guidance can be invaluable in helping to protect your institution’s reputation while you focus on recovery and managing operational and legal aspects of the crisis.

In alignment with our Cool Head, Warm Heart® philosophy — a recognition that responding to a tragedy requires a rational approach to legal matters and a thoughtful appreciation for the emotional trauma of the circumstance — we offer ProResponse®, a supplemental crisis response program.

ProResponse® may be available to members that carry educators legal liability (ELL) plus any form of general liability (GL) coverage OR public school districts that carry school board legal liability (SBL) and public school liability (PSL) coverage.

ProResponse® services may not be available or may be limited for purchasing groups, consortiums, or K-12 public risk sharing pools. ProResponse® benefits don’t have to be tied to a liability occurrence or wrongful act by the institution. They cover up to $75,000 in expenses, per guidelines below (effective April 1, 2017), for:


ProResponse® Overview

ProResponse® Benefits: Quick Guide

Crisis Comms Services

Crisis Communications Services

Crisis communications services are available to manage media relations in unusual situations such as:

- The assault of a student in a foreign study program
- Allegations of financial scandal
- Death of a member of the educational community

Members can use a communications firm of their choice, as long as the provider has crisis communications experience and doesn’t provide legal services or advice.

Benefit: UE will pay the provider directly for amounts up to $15,000 per event without prior approval and an additional $60,000 upon approval.

Trauma Grief Counseling

Trauma/Grief Counseling

Trauma/grief counseling are available to aid recovery following the death of a member of the institution’s community, regardless of whether the death occurs on campus or during a school activity. Services provided by Black Swan/Empathia enable members to access trauma/grief counseling services to aid those affected by the crisis including:

- Students
- Faculty members
- Employees
- Family of the deceased
- Other community members

Benefit: UE will directly pay Black Swan/Empathia for amounts up to $15,000 per event without prior approval and an additional $60,000 with approval.

UE members should register with Empathia before services are needed. Contact Black Swan/Empathia at (866) 713-1978.

Sexual Misconduct Investigation Services

Sexual Misconduct Investigation Services

Sexual misconduct investigation services are available to help institutions investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. Services may include a full investigation, including interviews and gathering evidence, or providing expert advice to those conducting investigations. UE must approve the service provider in advance.

Benefit: UE will reimburse up to $10,000 for a sexual misconduct investigation with approval. For benefit periods beginning May 1, 2022, only one sexual misconduct investigation per benefit period will qualify for reimbursement.

man on the phone sitting at his computer

Threat Assessment Case Consultation

Threat assessment case consultation to assess the severity of a threat or disturbing behavior. Depending on the circumstances, case consultation may include:

- A full threat assessment investigation
- Assistance with an existing investigation
- Specific subject matter expertise on a case

Benefit: UE will pay an approved Threat Assessment provider up to $10,000 per event.

The approved vendors are:

Bill Zimmerman, CTM
APEX Resolutions
(202) 369-9031

Lea C. Bauer, M.Ed. CFE
Bauer S&I Specialists, LLC
(281) 923-3075

Dr. Stephanie Leite, PsyD, CTM
Forensic Intelligence, LLC
(860) 729-2613

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