Risk Management Fundamentals

Take advantage of these resources to increase your risk management (RM) expertise.

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Why Use These Fundamentals 

Below are fundamental areas of risk that United Educators’ (UE’s) RM experts have identified as critical for carrying out campus RM. For example, if you’re interested in learning more about how to review contracts or draft waivers, explore the resources in our “Contracts and Waivers” fundamental.

Who Should Use These Fundamentals

Whether you’re an administrator responsible for an area of risk or a professional risk manager, use these fundamentals to help your RM expertise.

Where to Start

Each institution has unique needs. Use the list of topics below as a starting point, but go in the order that makes sense to you and your risk priorities.


Analyze Risks IconAnalyzing Risks

Use this four-part framework to help you approach and analyze different campus risks. Learn about the risk, plan for policies and procedures, engage key stakeholders, and respond to an incident.


contract-icon.png Contracts and Waivers

UE claims show that poor campus contracting practices, including the misuse of waivers and releases, remain a significant source of liability claims. To better understand the root problems and improve your institution’s use of contracts, explore tools in this collection.

documentation iconDocumentation and Retention Practices

Failure to properly document a known risk and your institution’s response to it can lead to injuries and create challenges in defending claims. To preserve timely and appropriate information, review the following resources.

establishing ERM iconEstablishing ERM

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a strategic process for managing institutional risks, such as risks that threaten the institution’s mission, reputation, or financial viability. Explore our ERM collection for resources to help launch and mature your institution’s program. 

identifying risks iconIdentifying Risks

An important part of campus risk management is identifying potential risks. As the largest liability insurance carrier of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, UE is uniquely poised to offer insights on campus risks. Use the resources below to help identify risks for your institution — whether they’re big, complex risks involving multiple functions (often referred to as “institutional risks”) or smaller risks that only may impact a single department.

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Critical Risks Reports: These reports are based on UE risk management and claims experience and highlight liability risks that represent some of UE’s largest loss areas.

Annual Top Risks Reports:Each year, UE surveys members about their institution’s most pressing risks. These reports reflect survey results.

Large Loss Report: This annual report summarizes publicly reported major damage awards and settlements of at least $1 million that affected K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in the prior year.

crisis response iconResponding to Injuries and Crises

UE’s claims experience shows that how an institution responds to reported injuries can greatly impact the likelihood and value of related claims. The resources below can help promote a well-executed response.

training on risks iconTraining on Risks

Training on institutional policies and procedures for handling risks is critical for effective risk management. Implement UE’s online training and tabletop exercises to help with training efforts.


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