Enterprise Risk Management Resource Collection

What is ERM?

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a holistic risk management process that empowers campus leaders to discuss and manage risk at  an institutional level. It focuses on risks to the entire institution’s mission, reputation, or financial viability, rather than risks to a single department or functional area. Your K-12 school, college, or university can use a proactive ERM model to work collaboratively to minimize risk and find opportunities and common goals across your institution.

Get Your ERM Program Started

Use these videos to help implement an ERM program in your college, university, or K-12 school. You'll gain practical guidance, tips, and examples of each step of the process. Leaders can share these videos to start conversations about ERM with colleagues, ERM committee members, risk owners, and members of the senior administration and board.

Video for Leaders in Higher Education

Video for Leaders at K-12 Independent Schools


The Four Steps of the ERM Process

Advance Your ERM Program

Higher Ed: Use a Maturity Tool to Advance the ERM Process

K-12: Use a Maturity Tool to Advance the ERM Process

Additional Resources

Risk Treatment Framework and Questionnaire

Higher Education: Manage Critical Risk Areas

K-12 Schools: Manage Critical Risk Areas

ERM Committees: A Guide and Tool

Risk Management: An Accountability Guide for University and College Boards

Rise Above Uncertainty: Advancing Risk Management at Independent Schools

The 8 Traits of a Highly Effective Risk Manager

Three Keys to a Successful ERM Program

[Webinar] Engaging Boards in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

[Podcast] Lessons Learned in Updating "Risk Management: An Accountability Guide for University and College Boards"

[Podcast] K-12 Heads of School Discuss Risk Management During a Pandemic

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