Special Reports on Risks and Losses

2022 Top Risks Reports

Each year, United Educators (UE) members share their view of the pressing risks in the Top Risk Survey. This year’s survey results reveal the self-reported top risks across our membership and changes over the past few years. Members also commented on the impact of employee retention and hiring on their ability to manage risk. Use these UE member exclusive reports — broken out by higher education and independent K-12 schools — to compare your institution’s risks against similar UE members.

Insights for Independent K-12 Schools

Insights for Higher Education


Large Loss Report 2023

The Large Loss Report 2023 summarizes 69 publicly reported major damage awards and settlements of at least $1 million that affected K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in 2022. The cases in this report demonstrate that losses, in terms of financial and reputational impact, can be exorbitant. The trends indicate that social inflation — the increase in insurer costs above what’s expected from general economic inflation — has had a significant impact on educational institutions. Read more about these scenarios and consider actions your institution can take to close gaps in your risk management.




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Working With UE

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