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Planning and Executing Your Return to Campus: Considerations for Leaders in Education

October 2021

Why Read This?

United Educators (UE) partnered with Deloitte to publish this resource to address process questions senior leaders must consider when making key decisions.

This resource includes recommendations for:

  • A COVID-19 response team
  • Tabletop exercise processes
  • Key reopening activities
  • A sample decision-making framework
  • A roadmap for recovery and resuming campus operations

UE contributed by illustrating how safety practices can come together in the context of a classroom and student residence. Senior leaders overseeing processes across your entire institution can use this resource to inform processes and planning.


Key Takeaways

  • Balancing broad-based institutional needs across multiple variables is required to respond, recover, and thrive during the pandemic.
  • Transitioning from crisis response to reopening your campus and academic operations poses key questions every step of the way. Central management is typically needed to coordinate and act, while a phased, risk-based approach can guide decisions.
  • It’s important to identify a COVID-19 response team that supports risk-informed leader decisions, directs capabilities, and integrates action across critical functional areas as your institution plans to reopen and transitions from recovery to a next normal.

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