Risk Management Advisory Committee

The Risk Management Advisory Committee (RMAC), appointed by UE management, represents the diversity of our membership and meets annually. The RMAC is relied upon to provide feedback about pressing educational issues and UE risk management resources.


Todd Adkins
Director of Risk Management
University of Kentucky

Fernando (Ferd) Alonso
Assistant Head for Operations and Finance
Phillips Academy – Andover

Jeffrey Cataldo
Associate Head of School, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer
Kent School

Laura Cisi
Executive Director, Risk Management & Insurance
Stanford University

Bonnita (Bonnie) Cummings
Director of Risk Management
Central New Mexico Community College

Sytovia (Sy) Dunn
Associate Director of Budget & Risk Management
Clark Atlanta University

Jack Hardcastle
Chief Operating Officer
McDonogh School

Susan Harrington
Chief Financial Officer
Brewster Academy

Brenda McDonald
AVP, Insurance and Risk Management
Howard University

Eno Oregbesan
Director of Risk Management
Rice University

Tina Paredes
Director of Asset Management
Webb Schools

Linda Rice
Director of Risk Management
Clemson University

Michael Toohey
Chief Financial Officer
George School

Keesha Trim
Director, Risk Management & Insurance
University of Richmond

Albert (Al) Vasquez
Vice President, Enterprise Risk and Safety
Chapman University

Nakeschi Watkins
Director, Office of Risk Management
Cornell University

Tim Wiseman
Chief Risk Officer
University of Wyoming

John Zhang
Director Treasury and Risk
Fordham University

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