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Bryan Elie

Vice President of Underwriting and Product Development


Bryan Elie’s key responsibilities include administering the underwriting approach for United Educators’ (UE’s) new and renewal business; managing the underwriting staff, underwriting guidelines, applications, policy language, and research; and creating new insurance products. His extensive commercial casualty insurance experience and deep relationships with insurance brokers and educational institutions is often reflected in his involvement in UE’s most complex accounts.

Bryan started his career with UE in 1995 and was promoted to a variety of positions including Associate Vice President of Underwriting in 2004. He moved to the underwriting leadership position in 2009.

Before joining UE, Bryan worked for Aetna Casualty for five years and at Great American Insurance for two years in marketing and underwriting positions.

Bryan received his Bachelor of Science degree in business from Wake Forest University in 1988 and his Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation from the Institutes in 1997.


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Johnny Gilbert Headshot
Johnny Gilbert

Vice President & Chief Actuary and Chief Risk Officer

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