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Sexual Assault Deans on Call Receive Training on University Policies, Procedures

July 2022
Note: This article highlights the experiences of one United Educators (UE) member and doesn’t represent UE risk management or legal advice.

As part of their training, Sexual Assault Deans on Call (SADoCs) at the University of Chicago learn about university-wide disciplinary procedures and that they may refer students to counseling and other services, such as the Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Support.

Policies include:

  • SaDOCs are able to speak with victims in confidence and report only to the university that an incident occurred without sharing any personally identifying information.
  • They only may share the victim’s personally identifying information after getting consent.
  • Disclosures may lead to the university launching an investigation into the sexual assault — even without there being identifying information or the consent of the reporting student.
  • Those investigations won’t identify the victim, and the victim won’t be compelled to participate.

While SADoCs must honor confidentiality requests (only reporting to the university that an incident occurred without revealing personally identifying information), victims are told that may hamper the university’s ability to meaningfully investigate incidents and pursue disciplinary action against abusers.

Note: University personnel can’t maintain complete confidentiality after learning of possible abuse and/or neglect of a person under age 18.

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