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Lasting Choices: Preventing Sexual Assault

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About This Course

Teach students how to prevent and report sexual assaults.

This course contains required content that may be upsetting to learners.

On May 6, 2020, the Department of Education (ED) released final regulations relating to Title IX and its governance of how educational institutions conduct inquiries into allegations of sex discrimination, including student sexual misconduct. As needed, United Educators (UE) has updated our courses, including this one, to reflect the requirements of the final regulations.
  • Implemented by 305 institutions
  • Completed by 97,156 learners
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Lasting Choices: Preventing Sexual Assault

Students learn how to help keep themselves and others safe, the role of alcohol in sexual assault, and how to report an incident.



Course Length

30 minutes



This course will help learners with:

  • Sexual assault investigations
  • The role of alcohol in sexual assault
  • How to report incidents
  • Intervention strategies

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