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The online courses from United Educators (UE) are available to non-UE members through Canopy Programs™️.

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About Our Training

Empower faculty, staff, and students to tackle education’s unique challenges in today’s rapidly changing world. Training topics include Title IX, student mental health, protecting minors, and workplace harassment.

Our courses are:

  • Designed exclusively for education
  • Data-driven and based on actual incidents
  • Section 508/WCAG 2.0 compliant
  • Compatible with all devices

Training Solutions for K-12 Schools

Training Solutions for Higher Ed

Course Roadmap

  • Anti-bullying for K-12 staff
  • Avoiding verbally and emotionally abusive behavior for athletic staff
  • EpiPen use in emergency situations
  • Race, color, and national origin discrimination
  • Recreational drug abuse
Help Increase Compliance and Reduce Risk

Administering Our Platform

Training administrators (TAs) have multiple tools and features at their disposal to help ensure a simple and effortless experience.

Additional Offerings

David Kervella

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Learning & Development, California State University

UE’s online training is definitely one level above a lot of the competition.

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