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Fostering Student Mental Health

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About This Course

Recognizing that student mental health is a top priority for higher education, United Educators (UE) incorporated input from the Healthy Minds Network (HMN) during the development of this course collection. Since 2007, HMN has helped over 400 colleges and universities understand the connections between student mental health and performance outcomes.

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Fostering Student Mental Health

This course examines the impact of mental health issues on campus, including common types, ways for faculty to recognize when something is wrong, and how to put students in touch with those who can help.


Faculty & Staff

Course Length

30 minutes


English, Spanish

Fostering Student Mental Health

This course will help learners understand:

  • Common types of mental health disorders
  • How to recognize when to use established reporting mechanisms
  • Ways to put students in touch with accommodations and helpful resources

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