Learning Launch

Welcome to Learning Launch! Review the implementation checklist, video tutorials, and additional resources on this page to help implement UE's online courses at your institution with ease.

Learning Launch Background

Implementation Checklist

  1. Review available online courses.
  2. Review Learning Launch implementation resources on this page.
  3. Submit your training plan. View our sample knowledge pathways for ideas.
  4. Participate in a pre-launch check in call with a learning specialist to verify that the site configuration meets your needs and address any questions you have before starting.
  5. Prepare and submit your bulk upload file for processing (if applicable).
  6. Distribute an email communication to your learners to invite them to begin training.

Related Resources

Additional Offerings 

Course Licensing 

Do you have your own learning management system (LMS) that supports SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004? Centralize your training efforts by licensing our courses for use on your institution's learning platform. Contact canopy@ue.org for information. 


Customization and Tailoring

Personalize your training experience by tailoring our platform to your institution’s brand. This can include:

Contact canopy@ue.org for information. 


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