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Michigan State Fined for Clery Act Violations
Michigan State Fined $4.5 Million for Clery Act Violations SEPTEMBER 11, 2019

The record $4.5 million fine issued against Michigan State University should serve as another reminder that Clery Act noncompliance can jeopardize campus security and dramatically affect a college or university’s reputation.

Institutions Fined for Violations
Clery Act Violations That Result in Fines JULY 26, 2019

Although Clery Act compliance can be time-consuming, non-compliance can jeopardize campus security and affect your college or university’s reputation. Institutions also could face fines of $57,317 per Clery Act violation.

Timely Warning or Emergency Notification
Timely Warning or Emergency Notification? Key Distinctions and Common Principles JULY 08, 2019

The Clery Act requires two types of campus alerts—emergency notifications and timely warnings —to help keep students, staff, and faculty informed about threats to their safety and health. Failure to comply with Clery Act campus alert requirements can result in a hefty fine from the Department of Education (ED). Learning to discern between the two alerts can help when developing your institution’s policies and procedures for Clery Act compliance. It’s also important to understand when and why each alert should be issued.

Start Annual Security Report
Want to Avoid Large Fines? Start Preparing Next Year's Annual Security Report Now OCTOBER 22, 2018

The University of Montana was just fined nearly $1 million due to Clery Act violations. Take steps now to prepare a compliant 2018 Annual Security Report.

Annual Security Report
Annual Security Report: 10 Questions to Ensure Compliance JUNE 28, 2018

While tedious and time-consuming, preparing your institution’s Annual Security Report (ASR) is critical in demonstrating your school’s compliance with the Clery Act.