How to Report a Claim

Sometimes the unavoidable happens. UE is here to help resolve your claim in a manner that is fair and equitable. Follow these guidelines to report a claim. If you have questions about claims reporting, contact us at (301) 907-4908 and press 1.

New Matters

Please report new matters HERE by selecting the Claim tab and providing:

If your institution has been sued, please send the complaint, any attachments, and the date upon which the complaint was received. We would also appreciate any prior correspondence with the claimant and/or the claimant’s attorney, internal reports or correspondence, and other documents that bear on the claim.

If you are unable to complete the form, please email the requested information to

Reporting Philosophy

We strongly encourage early reporting of incidents. Early reporting ensures that UE's claims resolutions professionals have the opportunity to:

Catastrophic Events

For certain severe injuries, UE requires institutions to report all incidents, regardless of whether they expect a claim to arise. These catastrophic events are:

Reporting After Hours for Catastrophic Events

If you need claims guidance after regular business hours and have experienced a fatality (including suicide) or other catastrophic event, such as severe injury, sexual molestation, or rape, please contact either:

Reporting an Educators Legal Liability Claim

The educators legal liability (ELL) policy requires that claims be reported to UE “as soon as reasonably practicable,” and in the case of a policy that hasn’t been renewed, within 60 days of the policy’s expiration date.

A claim is defined as written notice of the intent to hold the institution — or an entity or individual covered under the member’s policy — responsible for a wrongful act. Claims can come in many forms, including:

Reporting a Primary General Liability or Excess General Liability Claim

Primary general liability (GL) and excess general liability (GLX) policies require that notices of claims and incidents that haven’t yet become claims, but which are “reasonably likely to involve” either or both policies, be made in writing as soon as practicable.

Reporting Obligation

Reporting Obligation

Institutions that fail to meet reporting responsibilities outlined in their insurance policy risk denial of coverage or loss of full benefits. Reporting considerations vary with the type of products included in your policy.

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