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With about 1,600 members ranging from large university systems to small, independent K-12 schools, UE is committed to providing the coverage and tools needed to confidently operate your campus while managing education-specific risks. As we all continue to navigate unique and evolving challenges, know that we are here for you. Read on to learn more about the helpful services and resources available to your institution.

Your Member Benefits

Comprehensive Coverage

Because UE understands the unique risk profile of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, we provide coverage addressing your institution’s needs so you can focus on your educational mission. We remain committed to covering risks that other insurance carriers limit or avoid, such as traumatic brain injury and sexual abuse and misconduct. As partners with our members, we’re continuing to offer coverage despite fluctuations in the commercial insurance market, social inflation, and other outside factors.

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Risk Management Resources

Risk Management Resources

Administrators, students, and staff at member institutions have access to our award-winning risk management library, based on 35 years of education-specific claims and data. From online courses to claims studies and webinars, our resources report on timely topics such as sexual assault prevention and response, student mental health, and study abroad.

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UE is best in its class. They have wonderful industry expertise and are always in front of education’s emerging issues.

Thoughtful Claims Management

Thoughtful Claims Management

When claims occur — despite best efforts to prevent them — our members know they can rely on us for strong defense and effective claims resolution. At UE, claims handling is more than a job; it is a commitment of service that we pursue with sensitivity and professionalism. Each claim receives the individual attention it deserves. Through early case evaluation and litigation management, we help members avoid the expense, time, emotion, and unpredictability of litigation.

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We recognize the tremendous impact a tragedy or crisis can have on a school or campus. Expert guidance can be invaluable in helping to protect your institution’s reputation while you focus on recovery and managing operational and legal aspects of the crisis.

In alignment with our Cool Head, Warm Heart® philosophy—a recognition that responding to a tragedy requires a rational approach to legal matters and a thoughtful appreciation for the emotional trauma of the circumstance—UE offers ProResponse®, a supplemental crisis response program.

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Get the Support You Need, When You Need It

Help with coverage or renewal questions

Contact your broker to get the conversation started with your underwriter. For application support, contact or call (301) 907-4908 and select option 3.

Get personalized risk management advice

UE offers personalized answers to questions about issues at member institutions. Email our risk consultants at for tailored guidance on using resources to prevent, or work through, a challenging situation. For questions about online learning, email