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Manage the Risks of Remote Learning in Higher Education

Christine McHugh, Esq., ARM
November 2022

Why Read This

Many colleges and universities offer remote learning. Other institutions might switch from in-person learning to remote learning due to a pandemic or other crisis. Created to support administrators in ensuring a positive remote learning experience for students and employees, this guide covers:

  • Ensuring equal access for students
  • Managing academic changes
  • Addressing online privacy and security concerns
  • Upholding your institution’s standards
  • Communicating clearly with students


Key Takeaways

  • Institutions should work with counsel to determine if their cybersecurity and privacy policies require updating to reflect the needs of a remote experience.
  • Safety and security remain paramount; emphasizing your institution’s protective policies will remind community members that they can still report any issues and trust that those reports will receive a thorough response.
  • Transparency and communication are key in helping the community transition to remote learning, and institutions must be proactive in creating and effectuating a communications plan.

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