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Checklist: Institutional Closure

Husch Blackwell
June 2021

Why Read This

The decision to close a full institution is immensely difficult for any board and leadership team. Those contemplating this decision must pursue an analytical decision-making process that is unique to the institution’s situation, jurisdiction, and condition while recognizing that federal and state laws heavily regulate the process of closure.

Part of a series of checklists that accompanies United Educators' (UE’s) Guide to Manage Risks Associated With Program Change, this checklist provides detailed guidance on how to carry out a full institutional closure. It can be used in conjunction with the checklist on general planning for all program changes. It includes considerations for:

  • Preliminary assessment and planning
  • Prioritizing student interests
  • Making faculty and staff decisions
  • Federal student aid compliance
  • Issues regarding business and affiliated interests
  • Preparing and filing a plan of dissolution and other related filings

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