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Establishing an Office for Diversity and Inclusion on Campus

Christine McHugh, Esq., ARM
February 2021

Why Read This

As the national conversation addresses racism, colleges and universities are reflecting on their own anti-racism and anti-discrimination efforts. A coordinated approach is required to combat racism and other pervasive forms of discrimination and build strong communities that fully embrace diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives.

To create a healthy learning and working environment at your institution, establish an Office for Diversity and Inclusion and make diversity, equity, and inclusion part of your central mission, starting at the top.

Note: As of October 2023, several states have instituted laws that ban or restrict diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at public institutions. Similar legislation is pending in other states. Please consult legal counsel to determine applicable law in your state and determine the extent to which DEI courses, offices, language, or initiatives are allowable at your institution.

Key Takeaways

  • An Office for Diversity and Inclusion generally is structured as an umbrella unit over campus groups focused on topics including women and gender equity, LGBTQ programs, violence prevention, and multicultural affairs.
  • Chief Diversity Officers should have significant authority and leeway to shape the Office for Diversity and Inclusion and the campus, and they should be involved in the highest levels of your institution’s administration.
  • An Office for Diversity and Inclusion connects students with supports available to them and teaches students, faculty, and staff to understand their fellow community members and create an affirming, safe environment.

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