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UE distributes insurance and risk management services exclusively through our valued network of insurance brokers. We believe that strong relationships with experienced brokers make a difference for our members when determining how to best address an institution’s unique coverage needs. Discover what UE has to offer to your clients.


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Ruby-Garcia-200x200.pngUE works exclusively with insurance brokers.

For coverage questions, help with an application, or to request more information about UE, contact Ruby Garcia at (240) 482-4221 or

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ProResponse® Benefit

We understand the impact a crisis can have on a community. Expert guidance helps protect an institution’s reputation while leaders focus on managing recovery and legal considerations. Learn more about ProResponse®️, a supplemental crisis response benefit. 

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Risk Management Services and Resources

The value of UE's membership extends far beyond the insurance policy. Eligible members benefit from complimentary access to a wide-ranging collection of risk management resources that can help increase compliance, prevent incidents, and reduce claims.

The Value of Risk Management
Risk Management Services and Resources Overview
Higher Ed Risk Management Services and Resources Catalog
K-12 Risk Management Services and Resources Catalog

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