United Educators President and Chief Executive Officer

The search for a new President and CEO is being conducted under the guidance of our Subscribers’ Advisory Board search committee.

President and CEO Position Announcement

United Educators (UE), a Reciprocal Risk Retention Group, provides liability insurance and risk management services to nearly 1,600 schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States. Founded in 1987, UE is a mission-driven company owned and governed by the educational institutions it insures. Widely recognized as the preeminent provider of liability insurance and risk management services to education, UE is rated A (excellent) by AM Best, is a profitable, growing company and has several times earned Ward 50 company distinction. UE has an exceptionally strong record of member retention (97.7% ten-year average), consistent growth, and strong returns on equity. Gross written premiums exceeded $375 million in 2022.

UE addresses education’s unique risks through focused, practical risk management programs and data-driven underwriting, resulting in tailored coverage. Claims are handled by a team that applies a Cool Head, Warm Heart® philosophy to legal matters. UE helps educational institutions prepare for, respond to, and recover from adversity and risks, enabling them to advance their mission. UE provides comprehensive global liability coverage, including General Liability (GL), Educators Legal Liability (ELL), and Internships and Professional Services (IPL) for large, multi-campus universities to small, independent K-12 schools.

In conjunction with the UE board, the President and CEO will oversee the development of strategy and the comprehensive formulation of business plans and will be responsible for their related execution. They will drive organizational performance and continue to foster the organization’s commitment to provide insurance and risk management services to the member institutions at competitive prices, while maintaining the high level of service of which UE is justifiably proud.

It is expected that the President and CEO will oversee the complexity of UE’s business strategy, products and services by setting and effectively communicating clear priorities, taking decisive action, developing a system for accountability, and working with the leadership team to further increase its effectiveness. The President and CEO should be an effective communicator, with the business and educational background necessary to be considered a thought leader by the executives of UE’s members. They will be expected to navigate a changing industry and membership landscape, interact with all of UE’s multiple constituencies (internally and externally), effectively manage the Board relationship, and continue to develop a strong team at UE.

This role requires an individual who has strategic capabilities and strong leadership and communication skills, ideally demonstrated by leading, or being part of, a business model that involves complex stakeholder management. The successful candidate also must be an exemplary leader of people, demonstrating talent management as a measurable, demonstrated competency and a consistent priority for this candidate. They will inherit a longstanding, high-performing and cohesive team and have the ability to continue to develop and motivate them utilizing appropriate management tools to direct and evaluate performance.

The President and CEO will have unquestionable personal ethics and integrity combined with a positive image to lead a member-owned organization. This individual must be a seasoned executive and proven manager known for excellence in operational and functional performance, stakeholder management, and professional development. The President and CEO should have an uncompromising passion for and alignment with UE’s mission. This executive should have worked in either higher education, an insurance company, or otherwise be broadly experienced in risk-based asset and liability exposure.

Nominations, inquiries, and expressions of interest should be sent to UE@russellreynolds.com.

United Educators (UE) aims to foster an inclusive and supportive culture that embraces diverse ideas and opinions, reflects our membership’s diversity through our insurance policies and risk management services, and provides opportunities for all to succeed.

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