2022 Policy Updates

Important information for policies with effective dates beginning May 1, 2022

We know 2021 was full of challenges for United Educators (UE) members as you continue your important missions of teaching, learning, research, and nurturing healthy communities. At UE, we continue our work fostering strong enterprise risk management practices across our member-owned captive.

To help members plan for your insurance needs in 2022, we are providing these guides outlining 2022 policy changes for policies effective May 1, 2022, or later. In addition, changes to our ProResponse® benefit are described here.

You can also access specimen policies below with the changes highlighted for your convenience.

Please contact your broker or underwriter with any questions.

About Your 2022 Policy Updates

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Specimen Policies

The highlighted areas in the policy specimens below reflect changes made to UE's liability insurance policies effective as of May 1, 2022.

ProResponse Updates

Rising Cost of Claims


To learn more about how these changes affect coverage for your institution, please contact your broker or UE underwriter.

For general inquiries, email uesupport@ue.org.

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