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United Educators Enhances Insurance Coverage for Public K-12 Schools

Bethesda, MD — United Educators (UE), a reciprocal risk retention group that insures education, on May 1 will launch enhancements to its liability insurance coverage for public K-12 schools to continue its commitment to protect them with education-specific policies, risk management resources, and crisis response services.

In response to market feedback, UE’s public school coverage includes:

“UE recognizes that public K-12 school districts face unique risks that can lead to large losses that strain their budgets,” said Joe Carter, UE’s Vice President of Business Development. “We want to provide secure liability coverage and terms that enable them to focus on their mission of educating children and supporting their communities. We’re ready to welcome districts of all sizes into UE’s prevention and protection partnership.”

That partnership, strengthened by UE’s 32 years of providing comprehensive insurance for educational institutions, includes:

More than 1,600 K-12 schools, colleges, and universities rely on UE for liability insurance and risk management services.

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