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Ramesh Bulusu

Chief Information Officer and Head of Strategic Planning

Contact: rbulusu@ue.org

Ramesh Bulusu leads United Educators’ (UE’s) data, digital, cybersecurity, and information technology services. He and his team are driving digital transformation efforts at UE, modernizing core business systems, enabling organizational efficiencies and workforce productivity, and innovating with enterprise data analytics and digital experience solutions.

Ramesh also heads UE’s business strategic planning and implementation efforts. He is responsible for developing multi-year business transformation plans and coordinating the execution of strategic programs through the enterprise project management office (PMO).

Ramesh has more than 25 years of IT management experience across diverse industries. Prior to accepting his role at UE in 2015, Ramesh was a vice president in HCL America’s healthcare business unit, where he was responsible for delivering technology services to U.S.-based clients. He has held leadership positions at AARP and at AOL, helping transform organizations with innovative technology solutions. Ramesh also has worked at IBM and PWC, advising clients on business and operational transformation initiatives with product and technology solutions.

In 2018, Ramesh was awarded the Capital CIO of the Year ORBIE Award in the corporate sector category. This honor recognizes CIOs who have demonstrated excellence in technology, based on scope of responsibilities, leadership effectiveness, business value created by innovation, and engagement in industry and community endeavors.

Ramesh is a member of the Capital CIO Leadership Association and serves on the Business Analytics Advisory Board of Mason School of Business, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Va.

He has a bachelor’s degree in technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (Hyderabad, India), and a master’s in engineering from Utah State University. He has also earned an executive MBA at the College of William & Mary and executive management certificates from Georgetown University and the University of Virginia. He also obtained his Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation from The Institutes.

Ramesh lives with his wife and two children in Chantilly, Va., and spends time outside work performing community service, volunteering, running, and biking.

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