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Show Some Respect! Prevent Harassment

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About This Course

Harassment from peers can interfere with learning — negatively affecting a student’s ability to succeed. When students feel they are a part of a respectful learning environment, they are more engaged and enjoy a healthier mental well-being. This course contains required content that may be upsetting to learners.

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  • Completed by 55,235 learners
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Show Some Respect! Prevent Harassment

Using a social networking theme and reality-based stories, this course guides students on methods to recognize and address harassing behavior, whether it’s targeted at them or another person.



Course Length

30 minutes



This course will help learners:

  • Recognize when behavior crosses the line and what conduct constitutes harassment
  • Distinguish between flirting and sexual harassment
  • Develop techniques to address harassment as a target and as a bystander
  • Identify resources for reporting and seeking help when subjected to or witnessing harassment

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