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Protecting Payment Card Information

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About This Course

Employees who handle payment card information have an important job: they keep payment card information safe during and after purchase transactions. This course describes common risk situations and addresses how to best deal with them to avoid unauthorized disclosures. It is an element of required annual compliance training as called for by the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS).

  • Implemented by 15 institutions
  • Completed by 375 learners
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Protecting Payment Card Information

Learn how to keep payment card information safe and avoid unauthorized disclosures.


Faculty & Staff

Course Length

30 minutes



This course will help learners understand:

  • The employee’s role in safeguarding cardholder information during payment transactions
  • Possible consequences for not safeguarding cardholder information
  • Common risks and mistakes during payment card transactions
  • Best practices for securing payment card transactions
  • The responsibility to report possible disclosure or security issues

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