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Impressions: Help Recognize, Prevent, and Report Sexual Assault

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About This Course

Help college students recognize sexual assault — what it is, how to help prevent it, and how to report it — and inform them about support resources, both on and off campus. This award-winning course was developed to help institutions meet training obligations under Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act. It is meant to complement other prevention efforts at your institution.
  • Implemented by 120 institutions
  • Completed by 75,862 learners
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The Hook Up is a series of videos played throughout this course. It tells the story of a group of college students who experience negative consequences due to sexual assault. The course examines how to recognize and report sexual assault and informs them about support resources available, both on and off campus.

This course contains content that may be upsetting to learners.



Course Length

45 minutes


English, Spanish

This course will help learners understand:

  • Definitions of sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking
  • The “culture of care” at higher education institutions
  • Prevention, including bystander intervention techniques
  • How to report and where to go for support
  • The meaning of consent

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