Member-Owned and Governed

United Educators (UE) has been member-owned and governed since our founding in 1987.

We focus solely on education and have built our expertise through more than 35 years of careful, balanced fiscal management focused on sustaining our mission. Being governed by our members is core to our underwriting philosophy and is the foundation that aligns our mission, and our financial objectives.

Our board and advisory committees reflect the diverse communities we serve, and we actively seek member input and feedback to help improve our products and services.

Qualified UE members have a Subscriber Savings Account (SSA) representing an ownership interest in UE. We maintain an expense ratio well below industry averages, and any excess capital is returned to member-owners through their SSAs. UE has no third-party owners or shareholders.


Members of the Subscribers’ Advisory Board (Board of Directors) serve three-year terms and are elected by the membership. Most of our board members are in some way serving a UE member K-12 school, college, or university.

To help ensure we continue to serve the needs of our members, UE also looks to the education, legal, and brokerage communities for guidance on program direction and specific projects, and information on how liability affects institutions.

Advisory Committees

Our advisory committees consist of general counsels, senior leaders, and risk managers who inform our approach to risk management, claims resolution, and product development. Their insights from the frontlines of campuses nationwide inform the products and services we provide.

The Broker Advisory Committee (BAC), convened by our Business Development department, meets twice annually to discuss products, services, and other concerns. UE selects committee members for their knowledge and expertise in the education marketplace.

The Risk Management Advisory Committee (RMAC), appointed by UE management, represents the diversity of our membership. It meets annually. The RMAC provides feedback about pressing educational issues and UE risk management resources.

Member Feedback

UE has always valued member feedback. We take a systematic approach through surveys and direct conversations to help improve our products and services. With our focus on service and convenience, including online tools, we attained 93% in member satisfaction in 2022.

From enterprise risk management to excellent governance, UE practices what we preach.

Serving Education From Day One

UE's Financial Stewardship (video)

UE's Underwriting Philosophy (video)

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