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Checklist: Managing Field Trips

Joe Vossen, JD
April 2021
students boarding school bus

Why Read This

A review of United Educators’ (UE’s) claims shows that injuries can result when educators are ill-prepared to lead students on educational ventures off school grounds. To help keep students safe and avoid similar claims, this checklist gives K-12 administrators an overview of sound risk management practices for planning school field trips.

Important topics to consider include:

  • Drafting the school’s field trip policy and formal approval process
  • Inspecting the location before the field trip and mitigating known risks
  • Selecting and preparing the employees and volunteers leading field trips
  • Reviewing contracts and insurance when outside providers operate the field trip
  • Collecting risk transfer documents such as releases and assumption of risk forms
  • Planning for emergencies and accidents
  • Arranging transportation and ensuring drivers’ safety
  • Monitoring student health and administering medications
  • Ensuring safety and communications at the location
  • Conducting evaluations after the field trip

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