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Student Sexual Assault: Weathering the Perfect Storm

February 2014

Why Read This

There are many things to consider in a student sexual assault case to ensure that the parties involved receive fair treatment under your institution’s policies. This claims study explores real-life sexual assault cases and examines ways your school can support affected students and ensure a timely resolution of allegation.

United Educators’ (UE’s) claims studies are snapshots of claims received in a defined time frame. This report addresses claims from 2006-2010. As a result, this report does not take into account the 2020 Title IX regulations issued by the Department of Education and contains references to, and recommendations based on, prior guidance in effect at the time of the study.


Key Takeaways

  • Coordinate with police to ensure an understanding of who handles sexual assault cases.
  • Consider the role lawyers should play in an institutional hearing.
  • Provide both the accuser and accused with an institutional liaison.
  • Set and enforce hearing standards that are equal for both parties.
  • Develop standards for communication about sexual assault.

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