Reputational Risk Toolkit

Today’s uncertain environment poses constant threats to the most valuable asset colleges and universities have — their reputation. Identifying risks that could impact your institution’s reputation and finding ways to prevent or mitigate those risks is essential to long-term sustainability.

Materials on this page were developed as result of a study United Educators (UE) conducted and the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities (AGB) administered. The study evaluated the overall status of enterprise risk management (ERM) initiatives on campus, and more specifically, how board chairs, CFOs, and presidents work to preserve their institution’s reputation. Use these tools to better understand reputation risk at your institution and how to proactively address it.

Webinar Archive

Webinar Archive

This webinar discussed how higher ed institutions can identify and manage threats to their reputation. Topics included the state of reputational risk at colleges and universities, how institutions manage reputational risk, types of incidents that threaten reputations, and best practices to effectively identify and mitigate risks.

Speakers: Janice Abraham, President and CEO, UE; Kim Goff-Crews, Secretary and Vice President for Student Life, Yale University; Paul Walker, Ph.D., CPA, Executive Director, Center for Excellence in ERM, St. John’s University


Reputations at Risk

This infographic shows the state of reputational risk at colleges and universities, including occurrence of incidents that put reputations at risk, how institutions manage reputational risk, and types of incidents that threaten reputations.

Reputation Risk Register

Reputational Risk Register

Use this reputational risk register to start identifying the specific issues on your campus that may impact your reputation.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Follow these seven best practices to ensure your institution is effectively identifying and mitigating risks to its reputation.

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