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Guns on Campus: Shaping Your Institution’s Culture

Christine McHugh, Esq., ARM
March 2023

Why Read This

Shootings in recent years at colleges and universities have caused the issue of guns on campus to be top of mind for many, and the issue presents one of the most difficult risk management challenges for higher ed institutions. Although federal and state court decisions have expanded gun ownership rights, gray areas remain, and gun control and gun rights advocates continue to litigate these issues.

Institutions stand amid this shifting terrain. They must develop effective policies and strategies that balance community safety with gun owners’ rights. Consider the ideas this report outlines for shaping your institution’s culture with respect to guns in this complicated and changing landscape.


Key Takeaways

  • Consider your specific community’s needs and desires when deciding how to approach the idea of guns on campus.
  • Examine state laws and your status as a public or private institution to determine legal parameters that will apply to your institution’s gun restrictions or allowances.
  • Develop a policy that reflects your institutional priorities, allows for effective risk management, and provides clarity to your campus community.

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