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Use Cool Head, Warm Heart® for Catastrophic Campus Incidents

February 2022

Why Read This

United Educators responds to claims using a Cool Head, Warm Heart® approach, and we encourage K-12 schools, colleges, and universities to adopt this philosophy too, especially in matters with potentially catastrophic outcomes. Educational institutions are unique because of the relationship they have with most of the people who are injured on campus: students, their parents, alums, employees, and others with a connection to the school. The Cool Head, Warm Heart® approach keeps those important connections in mind.


Key Takeaways

  • Keep a cool head by following policies and protecting your institution, while also using a warm heart to bring compassion and empathy to the injured party.
  • This dual-track approach keeps the community connection at the forefront of decisions and actions, while also considering your institution’s business needs.
  • Remind administrators to act and react in line with the caring, community-focused principles that are at the heart of their educational missions.

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