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K-12 Checklist: Title IX-Compliant Policies Against Sexual Harassment

Hillary Pettegrew, Esq.
June 2021

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In August 2020, final regulations from the Department of Education (ED) implementing Title IX became effective. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, by educational institutions, including K-12 schools, that receive federal financial assistance. The regulations significantly narrow the definition of “sexual harassment” to which schools must respond under Title IX, but they impose strict new requirements for handling matters within Title IX’s jurisdiction.

This checklist was designed to help United Educators’ (UE's) K-12 school members ensure their policies are consistent with the new Title IX mandates, and should be used in conjunction with a companion checklist, Title IX- Compliant Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedures in K-12 Schools, which is intended to help K-12 members meet the regulations’ detailed requirements for internal grievance procedures in Title IX matters.


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