Liability Insurance

Because we understand the unique risk profile of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, United Educators’ (UE’s) coverage is designed to address your specific exposures and provide appropriate coverage.

General Coverage

We remain committed to covering risks that other insurance carriers limit or avoid, such as traumatic brain injury and sexual abuse and misconduct. As partners with our members, we’re continuing to offer coverage despite fluctuations in the commercial insurance market, social inflation, and other outside factors.

UE at a Glance


Educators Legal Liability

Our comprehensive educators legal liability (ELL) policy provides coverage for the institution as well as its trustees, directors, and officers.


General Liability

Our broad general liability (GL) coverage protects against a wide range of potential claims including alcohol abuse, campus crime, and sexual misconduct.

Students working in lab

Internships and Professional Services

We offer an easy-to-use policy with broad coverage for most student internships and experiential learning opportunities.

Private schools students sitting at desk

Independent Schools

Our independent school coverage provides critical coverage from issues including athletic injuries, lab accidents, sexual misconduct, and wrongful termination.

Teenage male at laptop with headphones on

Public K-12 Schools

Our public school liability (PSL) and school board legal liability (SBL) policies attempt to address the specific concerns of public school districts and boards of education.

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Charter Schools

The liability risks facing charter schools are real and unique. You deserve the best protection available.

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