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United Educators Wins Two Globee® Awards  

Bethesda, Md., June 28, 2024 — Globee® Awards for American Business recognized United Educators (UE) with two online training awards.


UE earned gold and bronze awards in the ninth annual 2024 Globee® Awards for American Business. The awards honor organizations — from startups to established corporations — that provide exemplary performance.

“Our online learning helps schools and colleges with real-life issues,” said Sarah Braughler, Vice President of Risk Management. “Preventing and preparing for campus concerns is at the center of our work.”

The awards include:

More than 1,100 industry professionals participated in the judging process. Other winners this year include Microsoft, Under Armour, and Deloitte.

Award winners “demonstrated exceptional commitment to their craft, setting a benchmark for others to follow,” said San Madan, President of the Globee® Awards.

UE provides insurance coverage and risk management products and services, including online learning, available at no additional cost to UE members. And non-members can purchase select course collections through our Canopy Programs™️.


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About UE
UE is education’s answer to the distinct risks and opportunities institutions face. UE provides liability insurance and risk management services to more than 1,600 members representing K-12 schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States. Founded in 1987 as a risk retention group, UE is owned and governed by the institutions it insures. UE addresses our members’ unique risks through thoughtful underwriting resulting in appropriate coverage.

About The Globee® Awards
The Globee® Awards for American Business is a renowned platform that showcases the pinnacle of success and achievement in the business world. It brings together leading companies, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals from diverse sectors, providing a platform to acknowledge their exceptional work and dedication. These awards cover a wide range of categories, including leadership, innovation, customer service, marketing, and more, offering a comprehensive celebration of business excellence.

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