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United Educators Recognized for Workplace Excellence, Health, and Wellness for 10th Consecutive Year

Bethesda, MD — The Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE) honored United Educators (UE) with the 2020 Workplace Excellence and Health & Wellness Seals of Approval for the 10th consecutive year. UE has been recognized by AWE for being an excellent place to work in Montgomery County, Md., and throughout the United States, demonstrating UE’s commitment to maintaining an exceptional work environment.

“Here at UE we value an inclusive work environment. I’m pleased that our hard work and dedication to a diverse, healthy, and highly engaged workforce continues to be recognized,” said Wendy Penry, UE’s Associate Vice President for Human Resources.

Recipients of the AWE awards must demonstrate an outstanding commitment to balanced leadership and overall success of their workforce including an innovative corporate culture and management practices; family- and employee-friendly policies and programs; strong health and wellness initiatives; employee growth and learning opportunities; commitment to corporate, social, and civic responsibility; diversity and inclusion practices; flexible work environment; and safety and security.

For more information about UE’s commitment to workplace excellence, visit our Careers page or email

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