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United Educators Announces Retirement of Robb Jones, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Resolutions Management

Bethesda, MD — Following a distinguished 42-year career spanning legal practice, government service, and oversight of United Educators’ (UE’s) claims resolutions, Robb Jones announced today that he will be retiring from his position as UE’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Resolutions Management at the end of the year.

“Robb has been a trusted advisor and thoughtful leader of our Claims Resolutions team,” said UE President and CEO, Janice M. Abraham. “He has built a strong, diverse, and inclusive team of professionals, focused on doing what’s right for both our members and for the education community at large. I have considered him a close colleague and count him and his wife, Lou Ann, among my dear friends. I wish him the best in his well-deserved retirement.”

Present at UE’s founding in 1986, Robb’s work with UE started as a consultant on claims and then as outside counsel. After leaving government service in 1997, he joined UE to spearhead the Educators’ Legal Liability claims program and serve as Chief Claims Attorney. As UE grew, so did Robb’s responsibilities. The resolutions department now includes 31 lawyers and 30 other professionals.

“I’m most proud of the team’s deep understanding of the liability system and the needs of UE member institutions,” said Robb. “They manage claims through UE’s trademark ‘Cool Head, Warm Heart®’ philosophy, appropriately acknowledging both the financial and emotional impact of any claims situation."

Robb currently serves as a trustee for a liberal arts college, as an adviser to the American Law Institute’s Project on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct on Campus, and is a member of the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA). He frequently speaks on topics and developments related to Title IX, campus violence, education law, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Robb has evaluated higher education legal programs for the federal government and a state board of regents and has taught as an adjunct faculty member at two institutions.

Before joining UE, Robb was Director of the Judicial Education Division of the Federal Judicial Center, where he developed and managed training and continuing legal education programs for the federal courts. He also served as Chief of Staff to Chief Justice William Rehnquist at the U.S. Supreme Court. Before that time, he was a partner in a Washington law firm, where he concentrated on education, employment, and media litigation.

As Robb looks to retirement, he plans to pursue his deep interest in history and travel. He will continue his role as a trustee at a liberal arts college and as a member of the American Law Institute.

His retirement is effective Dec. 31, 2019.

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