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Targeted Campus Violence: Online Course for Higher Ed

Designed to help prevent attacks before they get past the planning stage.

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Why Use This Training

Acts of targeted violence, especially those motivated by biases against other groups, are occurring at an increasing rate on campuses nationwide. Our online course, "Targeted Campus Violence: Recognize the Warning Signs," was created for higher education and is designed to help prevent attacks before they get past the planning stage.

Employee- and student-specific versions will share how to recognize warning signs that someone might be on the “pathway to violence,” the six stages of escalation common to most attacks. They will also examine ways to help disrupt this cycle and learn when to report potentially dangerous situations.

Audience: Faculty and Staff; Students (Bronze Stevie® Award winner)
Course Length: 30 minutes 



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Course Objectives

  • Define targeted violence, including common warning signs
  • Identify the steps on the “pathway to violence”
  • Recognize ways to help disrupt the pathway to violence
  • Outline how to report potentially dangerous situations

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