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Student Mental Health Voluntary and Involuntary Leave
Understanding Voluntary and Involuntary Leave APRIL 18, 2019

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions can negatively impact a college student’s studies and grades, as well as other part of the college experience. Roommates, classmates, professors, and the campus at large may also be affected by a student’s mental health issues. UE reviewed and analyzed 223 claims related to student mental health to learn how institutions can best assist students facing mental health challenges. A key lesson learned was the importance of developing clear, easily understood medical leave and return policies—both voluntary and involuntary.

Student Mental Health Accommodations Process
Is Your Student Mental Health Accommodations Process Clear? APRIL 09, 2019

More college students have reported that mental health issues—anxiety, depression, or both—affect their studies, and a recent article in The New York Times describes how higher ed institutions are acting as counselors. Make sure your efforts to assist these students include clearly communicating your accommodations process. A United Educators (UE) analysis of 223 claims related to student mental health identified misunderstandings about accommodations as a possible path to liability. As part of the claims analysis, UE has identified steps institutions can take to improve their response.

Student Mental Health Reducing Suicide
Reducing the Risk of Campus Suicide MARCH 04, 2019

There’s a heady freedom in being a college student. It can be exhilarating at first—and terrifying. Academic pressure, changes in social life, and living in a new place can be overwhelming, at times leading to stress, depression, anxiety, and other serious mental health issues. A national study indicates that 8 percent of full-time college students have had suicidal thoughts or seriously considered suicide. In "Student Mental Health on Campus: Claims Involving Suicidal Students," part of a larger study on campus mental health, United Educators (UE) reviewed 223 claims related to student mental health and found that suicide-related claims were among the most frequent and costliest.