Risk Management Skills

While most of United Educators’ (UE’s) risk management resources focus on specific risks and how to manage them, this collection focuses on the skills and competencies necessary for carrying out campus risk management. Explore these respources to learn more about different risk management proficiencies.

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Table of Contents


Establishing ERM

Identifying Risks

Analyzing Risks

Training on Risks

Responding to Injuries and Crises

Contracting on Campus

Documentation and Retention Practices



UE is an ally in your risk management efforts. Whether you’re an administrator responsible for an area of risk or a professional risk manager, use the following UE resources to help your institution carry out the functions that manage its risks.

Establishing ERM

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a strategic process for managing institutional risks, such as risks that threaten your institution’s mission, reputation, or financial viability. Explore our ERM collection for resources to help launch and mature your institution’s ERM program. 

Identifying Risks

An important part of campus risk management is identifying potential risks. As the largest liability insurance carrier of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, UE is uniquely poised to offer insights on campus risks. Use the resources below to help identify risks for your institution. These resources address big, complex risks that involve multiple functions, often referred to as “institutional risks,” and smaller risks that may only impact a single department.

Identify Institutional Risks With Confidence

Key Liability Risk Resource Collections

Special Reports on Risks & Losses

Analyzing Risk

Use this four-part framework to create an approach to a new risk. Learn about the risk, plan for policies and procedures, engage key stakeholders, and respond to an incident. Risk Mitigation Strategy Framework: [link]

Training on Risk

Training on your institution’s policies and procedures for handling those risks is critical for effective risk management. Use UE’s online training and tabletop exercises to assist your training efforts.

Online Course Library

Crisis Response: A Library of Tabletop Exercises

Responding to Injuries and Crises

UE claims experience shows that how an institution responds to reported injuries can greatly impact the likelihood and value of related claims. The resources below can help promote a well-executed response.

Responding to Injury-Causing Incidents: An Audit Guide

Use Cool Head, Warm Heart® for Catastrophic Campus Incidents

Our Cool Head, Warm Heart® Philosophy 

Guide to Creating and Improving a Campus Crisis Communications Plan


Contracting on Campus

UE's claims show that poor campus contracting practices, including waivers and releases, remain a significant source of liability claims. To better understand the root problems and improve your institution’s use of contracts, explore this collection.

Documentation and Retention Practices

Failure to properly document a known risk and your institution’s response to it can lead to injuries and create challenges in defending claims. To help preserve timely and appropriate information, review these resources:

The Importance of Documentation

Properly Documenting Employee Disciplinary Actions

Checklist: Assessing Your Employee Performance Evaluation System

Review Your Performance Management System

Sample Incident Reporting Audit Form