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The Goal Is Fairness

About This Course

The Goal Is Fairness includes the resources necessary to have a hands-on tenure evaluation workshop emphasizing the importance of clarity, consistency, candor, and caring.

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The Goal Is Fairness

A short video, PowerPoint presentation, and facilitator’s guide make it easy for you to deliver this session to those involved in the tenure review process at your institution. Optional scenarios can be used to spur further discussion on applicability of these concepts to your specific situation.


Faculty & Staff, Supervisors

Course Length

60 minutes



This course will help learners:

  • Generate dialogue about fair tenure evaluation
  • Increase attentiveness to existing procedures
  • Encourage the consideration of improvements in our policies
  • Avoid litigation when possible​​
  • Understand the importance of the 4 C’s:
    • Clarity in the standards
    • Consistency in applying the standards and in reaching decisions
    • Candor, which really means honest communication, in faculty evaluations
    • Caring if someone is unsuccessful​

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